With the development of society, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and cost control, so slowly invent various products suitable for the future. Stainless steel is one of them. Stainless steel is currently widely used, ranging from tableware for eating, to aerospace, and weapons on the battlefield. Stainless steel is indispensable. Let me introduce the most commonly used areas of stainless steel.

1. Water industry: Stainless steel is the best material for water industry such as water preparation, storage, transportation, purification, regeneration, desalination, etc. Its advantages are corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance, water saving, sanitation (no rust and copper green), weight Lightweight (reduced by 1/3), less maintenance, long life (40 years of use), low life cycle cost (LCC), etc., and it is a green and environmentally friendly material that can be recycled and reused. At present, the pipeline stainless steel in Tokyo, Japan has reached 76%, and the water leakage rate of the pipeline has dropped from 14.7% to 7.5%. Recently, a bellows joint has been developed, which has reduced the construction cost of stainless steel water pipeline by 20% and the total cost by 3%. , The maintenance cost is reduced by 3/4.

2. Jianye: In terms of construction and decoration, stainless steel is currently mainly used in high-rise building exterior walls, interior and exterior columns, handrails, floors, elevator panels, doors and windows, curtain walls and other interior and exterior decoration and components. The surface-treated, colored, and plated stainless steel plate solves the problem of easy fingerprints after touching, and further expands the application range of stainless steel. Japan has developed a variety of stainless steel roofing materials, such as high and medium chromium ferrite with better corrosion resistance and various coated plates, Sweden developed super-clean brushed surface stainless steel plates, and Ugine developed UGITOP surface plates in France. The industry offers more choices. In 1997, the consumption of stainless steel by Jianye in Japan reached 238,000 tons, an increase of more than four times compared with 1977, and the proportion of steel consumption increased from 10% to 20%. In 1999, Japan Jianye's austenitic stainless steel consumption accounted for 25%, and ferritic stainless steel accounted for 9.5%. Japan’s stainless steel structures have been standardized by legislation. The country stipulated in 2000 that stainless steel rebars used in the United Kingdom in seawater and chloride corrosion environments must be constructed of stainless steel for structures below 60 meters. The life span of stainless steel bridges built in Spain is up to 100 years. It's 80 years.

Application of stainless steel in the medical field

Do you know which stainless steels have been used in medical treatment? There are too many stainless steel needles, stainless steel scalpels, stainless steel wheelchairs, stainless steel infusion stands, and stainless steel medical tweezers. Especially in the use of orthopedics may be essential every day.

Due to the excellent comprehensive performance of stainless steel, the more mature manufacturing technology, the low price, etc., stainless steel is used in the medical field more and more widely. The use of stainless steel in the medical field has become a major development trend.

Application of stainless steel in electronics

Still boiling water with fire? Too backward, right? Try a stainless steel kettle? Stainless steel kettles are more convenient and faster than traditional boiling water.

And because of the performance of stainless steel, stainless steel has been widely used in other electronic fields. For example, the current water heaters are made of stainless steel, and the heating tubes of coffee machines are made of stainless steel.

Application of stainless steel in the food industry

The most representative of stainless steel in the food industry are stainless steel straws and stainless steel fluid tubes.

Stainless steel straws have gradually replaced plastic straws. After all, stainless steel straws are more environmentally friendly than plastic straws, and are more in line with current social development trends. Stainless steel fluid tubes can be seen in major restaurants.

In the past, I was afraid that stainless steel was not hygienic. However, stainless steel for food has long established itself in the food industry.

Application of stainless steel in the automotive field

The invasion of stainless steel into the automotive industry is almost the biggest. The automotive field is currently the fastest growing stainless steel application field. Nowadays, the most important manufacturing material for automobiles is basically stainless steel. Mainly used in the body, exhaust system, fuel tank, frame and stainless steel parts and car decoration.

Due to the large demand for stainless steel in automobiles, the automotive field is basically one of the main forces in the development of stainless steel.